Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A random Tuesday

What a weird day to start a blog... Tuesday. There is no New Year's resolution to be made. No big event in my life. Well, check that, both my girls are asleep at the same time and all parents out there know that this is a BIG event! No business to bolster. Just a Tuesday. This is not my first blog. I started one in the Spring of 2008 with the hopes of sharing pictures and happenings of my family life with who else, my family. But, lo and behold my family sucks at reading my blog. Here I am over 2 1/2 years later with only 2 faithful readers/commenters and a mom and sister who are notorious lurkers (love you guys but come on!!!).

In an effort to gain some bloggy friends I am starting from scratch. New name. New URL. New plan of attack. I want this to be about more than my family. I want this blog to be about reaching out to people. We move a lot (6 times in 8 years) and blogging can be a great way to help those far away keep up with our life but if they're not reading it, I think its time to make some new friends. That's where you come in. Please leave comments. Even if its just to point out a typo. Let me know that you're out there! Please!!!

P.S. I think I should point out that I am well aware that my old blog didn't get/keep any readers because it was a dud. I know that it stunk. Smellier in fact than a packed diaper genie on a cross-country move (that actually happened to us!). Anyway, I will take all responsibility for the failure of that one (and this one, too although I hope thats not the outcome). I realized that I wanted to link some of my projects to other blogs and was embarrased to do so using my old page. It had no organization, no wit, and no cohesive theme. I started blogging before I read many blogs so I didn't know about all the creative chicks out there and their amazing blog-ilicious talent. Now I know. No more excuses!