Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First birthday part-ay!

E's big birthday bash was a smashing success!

1st taste of birthday cake

We had such a fun time and the rainbow cake was a huge hit. I'm going to post a tutorial what-not-to-do list on making the cake because I learned a lot about working with layers while I slaved away on this cake labor of love for my baby girl. I know its been done a million times this year already but I stumbled across some things that I think can help others out if you're trying to make a similar tower of baked yumminess.

six layer rainbow cake

Here are a few more shots from our rainbow themed soiree. I hope you enjoy sharing a little in our fun day (although I have to say you totally missed out because this was one kickin' par-tay!).

cake table first birthday party rainbow theme circle garland

I made a rainbow garland, had different colored bags for favors, and used A LOT of candy to tie into the theme. We also had rainbow fruit kabobs (and a veggie tray and pizza).

circle rainbow garland

I used a two inch and one inch punch for the rainbow garland and I will be making this for EVERY party and holiday for the rest of time! I thought it was so fun and it was definitely an easy project. Two pieces of 10 different colors with two punches made roughly 70 feet of garland. Although I highly suggest NOT wadding it up in a plastic bag before using it because it got SUPER tangled. Duh. I had to cut it apart (which was ok because I needed some of it in segments) or lose my mind. I chose the former.

first birthday rainbow decoration and cake

I got a set of rainbow party hats at Target and added a one and some fuzzy pom poms to E's so it stood out from the others. All the kids enjoyed wearing their hat while we sang happy birthday. Here's my other sweet girl rockin' her rainbow look.

Like I said, the cake was a big hit and everyone thought I was A-Mazing for making it, but these fruit kabobs came in a close second in the "aren't you so clever" and "what a fun way to serve the fruit" department. There was also NONE left at the end of the night. I thought about layering it in a glass bowl trifle style but I'm so glad I used the skewers. Will be doing this again for sure.

And another shot of the cake because I'm so proud of it. There was blood, sweat, and tears involved, people! Like I said, more deets about that later. I think it deserves its own post.

And finally, a shot of the whole fam with the birthday girl. I love you so much Sweet E!


  1. I'm so not surprised that you rocked the Roy G Biv party. Beautiful!

  2. What a cute party! Thanks for commenting this week-I'd love to know how your skirt turns out!

  3. Absolutely adorable! Love the rainbow colors... especially that cake!


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