Sunday, November 20, 2011

Apple green it is! {bonus room paint}

We went to Lowes and got 4 color samples the other night, slapped some squares of paint up on the wall, and checked them out at night then again during the day.

After a little debate, G told us her favorite. It was mine, too!!!

Unfortunately for The Hubs, it was the only one he never pegged as a fave (he liked upper left and lower right at night, then lower left during the day). Oh well, he was outnumbered. Honestly, I think I would have been OK with any of the 4 colors, this one just had the most vibrant and fun feel (and its for a toy room so we're going for vibrant and fun).

We got Apple Green color-matched at Sherwin Williams (who by the way have a 30% off paint sale for the rest of 2011) then got to work while little E took her nap.

G was such a trooper and helped out for about 30 minutes before she lost interest and asked if she could "watch mine own show."

No complaints here. I'll happily let the boob tube babysit so we don't have to stay up past midnight painting. Yes. I'm a horrible regular parent.

It's actually all finished but I've got to hang some stuff, rearrange, etc. before the big reveal. And I've got a super cool Pinterest inspired project in the works that will go in this room. Have you done any painting lately? Made any bold changes in your house?

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  1. Love the color choice! Can't wait for the reveal.


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