Monday, May 30, 2011

Coming Home

Coming Home

This picture of my husband coming home from one of his many trips is a favorite. But it makes me a little sad at the same time. Little G is so crisp and clear. So here and now. While his blurry image reminds me of the things he misses out on while he's gone. But today I am not thinking of that. I am thinking of those who have given their lives for ours, their families who miss them everyday, and those who continue to put themselves in harms way for our freedom. As for my family, we are enjoying our day together, putting a few more memories in our bank, and thanking God that Daddy continues to come home to us.

We miss you George and Moses! You are always in our hearts.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pillow talk.

So. The chairs from Target. I'm not sure what to say. Oh wait. Yes I do.


Not only were they extremely inexpensive, but they are comfy and made fairly well. They were a cinch to put together and very true in color to the pic shown online. The red shade works perfectly with my sofa and the other colors will let me play around with so many accents in the room! Here is a "before" of the spot where they used to sit...

Not horrible, but not so great either. Plus, these chairs go with our dining table. I wanted them back in their rightful home. I liked the layout of the two chairs side by side and since we already have a comfy couch and chair-and-a-half, I knew I wanted something less bulky. There was also the issue of the light wood legs (which I didn't want to change because they go with the other dining chairs). I don't mind a mix of woods but this was just plain weird. You can see here that even my 9 month old doesn't think mixing tones in this case is good decorating.

"Mom, the feet on the couch are a much darker wood than those ridiculous parsons chairs."
Yeah, she can talk in complete sentences.

Enter the aforementioned slipper chair from Tarjay.

The perfect dark wood legs,

the perfect scale,

the perfect pop of color,

the perfect escape plan for my dining chairs,

the perfect price. What more can a girl ask for???

I actually have two of them flanking the nesting tables but am only showing one because they're not ready for a full reveal. I need to get/make pillows for them and, as you may have noticed, there are curtains up now. Sort of. They still need to be hemmed.

You're probably also wondering why there are so many goofy looking pillows in the pics above. Its because I need help deciding which size is best for the chair. So, if you don't mind helping a brotha' out and giving some input I'd appreciate it. Which pillow (size, please ignore the strange colors/patterns) works best on my new slipper chairs?

Another year older. Another year wiser?

Well, today is it. The big day. I am officially "in my 30's." Some might say that last year put me in that category but I beg to differ. For the past 365 days I have been THIRTY. Just plain 30. Now I consider myself in my "early 30's." I think "late 30's" will be the last month before I turn 40. I wish I was one of those women that thought it was sooooo wonderful to be getting older. I don't. I miss my 20's. Not necessarily college, but my early years of marriage and definitely my carefree days living in England. That being said, I wouldn't trade my precious girls to go back, I just wish I could have it both ways. I also wouldn't mind having the skin and stomach of that awesome, partied too late, slept too late, used anti-aging cream too late, 25 year old.

There isn't really any celebrating to speak of going on here. My husband is away for work until Saturday night (oh yeah, he missed my b-day last year, too). But, I might treat myself to something special and I am avoiding all housework to hang out with my girls.

The cake in the pic above is my most favorite of all time. Its Parrot Pete's Tripleberry cake and it is heavenly, even at $5.50 a slice. New Orleans is known for its food, but this cake hails from a restaurant that has only been open a few years and is located, dare I say it, on the Westbank. Not in New Orleans proper. Some locals would scoff this but to them I say, "Stop being so hoity toity and cross the river every once in a while!!!" The cake is definitely worth it. And I will miss having a slice (or two) today.

Want to read more about New Orleans (the real city, not the Westbank where my beloved cake can be found)? Check out Kimberly's blog, where I got the pic!

Update: G, E, and I got crazy for my bday today and had lunch at Panera Bread. All of my girlfriends are hanging with their husbands today (did I mention that my husband is on a work trip over a 4 day not fair) so the little girlies and I were flying solo-ish. Anyway, Panera is one of my favorites and I haven't lived near one since college (9 long years) so having it 15 minutes away is definitely a treat. And, it gave me the chance to stop by Joann's Fabric. I picked up some stuff to make a little play costume for G that I'm hacking from another blog. We'll see how it turns out. Heck, you'll see how it turns out!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Absent and Struggling

Obviously I've been absent lately. Not just absent from blogging but absent from my life. I've been struggling with so many things that I just haven'thad the heart to do much of anything. Depressed is too strong a word, more like I've been in a funk. A stinkin', lazy funk. Here are my struggles of late...
  • Someone I love is ill and it sucks. I struggle with how to help from a distance. How to keep myself from freaking out. How to be there for my loved ones that are hurting, too. I could go on about this one forever but its a little too personal and a lot too painful.
  • Time management. Now that E is awake and much more active (not crawling but more than just rolling) I find myself using any time that the girls are occupied and less needy to sit and do nothing. Not even a fun "nothing" like read a magazine or watch a favorite show. I just. Do. Nothing. Which, as you can imagine, leaves my house looking horrible, my projects all half (ok, no lies here, a quarter) finished, and my belly and thighs more jiggly than ever. I'd love to blameit on the girls and say that they're the reason I never get anything done but thats not fair to them and its a big ol' crock of hooey.
  • Inspiration. I usually love the results of little projects I do around my home. But lately I kinda feel like "what's the point?" I planted a little garden but what didn't die on our last little trip won't survive the 3 weeks I'm going to be gone in June. This place is just another place. Why buy furniture or put the money and energy into decorating when before I know it, the movers will be here again to packit all up and stuff it into some other place in some other unknown city? Bah. Self-pity overfloweth this today.
But, I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things right now. I'm praying for my fervor for life to be restored. Praying for laziness to be saved for a relaxing on a porch swing, not vegging out on my couch. Praying for the health of those that I love. Praying for the here and now to be enough in this earthly world. Praying that I constantly remember the promise of eternal life without all of these (some big, some little) struggles.

And, about those Target chairs. Stay tuned because tomorrow I'll tell you all about them. Sorry for the heaviness. Just a little explanation of where I've been. Oh, and I few pics of where I've been, too. A week long trip to California to see the in-laws included...

The Hubs running his 1st race, a half marathon. We were so proud and met him at the finish line, even though it meant being out the door at 6:15 a.m.!!! He ran it in 1:58:04 with 2 bathroom breaks (he didn't stand a chance during any of The Lord of the Rings movies. What ever happened to intermission???)...

A day at the beach...

And of course, a trip to Disneyland!