Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have good taste (and yes, I'm shocked)!!!

I'm not very brave when it comes to picking paint colors. In fact, our new house is the first time I've ever painted a wall of my own. When we moved in it was white, white, white. And not some pretty soft white, contractor's buy-a-giant-vat-of-it-and-put-it-everywhere white. Boring. And a little harsh to look at, if you ask me. So off I went to Sherwin Williams. I came home with over 40 paint swatches and after two days The Hubs and I narrowed it down to 2 different tan/beige colors for the majority of the house. I bought small samples, brought them home, and tried them out.

We went with these two colors in a satin finish:

SW Kilim Beige 6106

SW Nomadic Desert 6107

The top, Kilim Beige, is used in the living room (and is supposed to go upstairs throughout the halls and in our bedroom), as well as on the top half of the dining room wall. We used Nomadic Desert on the bottom half of the dining space and in the kitchen. The slight contrast in the dining room is perfect but I wish it was a little different in the kitchen. But, mostly I'm pretty pleased.

Shot of the dining room with our SU-WEET chair rail (still looking for drapes, then I'll post a before and after of this room!)

Lately I've been regretting not going with something a little more grey but overall, I was good with it. So, before we tackled the upstairs painting, I thought I'd check out the colors those wonderful folks at HGTV had used in the dream home to see if anything struck my fancy (because lets face it. Its. Beau.Ti.Ful). As I was flipping through the colors, lo and behold, they had used my sweet Kilim Beige in the Ski Dorm!!!

I am so excited and so, so, so proud of myself!!! I think I needed this confidence in my color choices to go on with the rest of my painting and choose a color for G's room.

I. Am. Awesome.

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