Thursday, February 16, 2012

When inspiration sneezes all over you

Its funny how and when inspiration will strike.  I've been struggling with a color scheme for our green bonus room, but today I found something that has made it a little easier.

colorful Kleenex box

A new fabric line?  No.

Wallpaper samples? No.

Art prints? No.

Area rugs? No.

colorful Kleenex box

Just your everyday, plain old, ho-hum tissue boxes.  Its crazy but I can finally see the direction I want for the room.

The green of course, along with grey, navy, and yellow. I liked those colors but couldn't visualize them together, even when I held paint chips side by side. I guess it was hard to see 4 different colored squares playing nice together. But when seen as an abstract floral, it just all clicked.  I'd originally thought I'd go with red because that is a color found throughout our house, but this room is visually and physically separate from all the others in our casa.  Now on to finding fabric so I can get some pillows made, and of course I need some spray paint to liven up a few accessories.

Woo to the hoo! I'm so excited to get started.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Around My House {Valentine's Edition}

1. heart banner made by my momma from my childhood nighties (5+ years ago before banners were a big tadoo, I might add) 2. ever present holiday themed M&Ms, almost gone and soon to be replaced by the green variety 3. a church mouse left in the hymnals yesterday by the preschool students, a great reminder of who loves us most of all!

1. E says "oooooooh" every time the light catches this 2. G showing some love for her new pillow from Boo-ah 3. a little red, white, and pink sprinkled around the house to chase the winter blahs away

Hope everyone is having a day full, full, full of love. We aren't doing anything too crazy around here. Just giving the girls some small gifts, making special breakfast muffins, sending a special lunch to work for my hubby (Dinty Moore soup and egg noodles...seriously, he loves it), and having sushi take out late tonight after he gets home from work.

Kisses to you from all of us Lovelies!

Friday, February 3, 2012

You dropped a bomb on me, BABY!

Found out today that my birth control was recalled. Awesome.

Jill Greenberg Image via

UPDATE: It's all good.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A shadow of a doubt {Groundhog Day 2012}

Happy Groundhog Day! Did the nearest marmot in your area see his shadow? Its sunny and bright here so I guess we'll have 6 more weeks of winter. If its anything like the last 6 it won't be bad, but I just keep waiting for February and March to make up for the nice temperatures we've had in December and January.

Today was one of those days when I am so grateful to be a stay-at-home mommy. I thank God for the opportunity, my husband for the encouragement and support (emotionally and financially), and my girls for being worth it.

We had a few friends over to honor the friendly groundhog and the halfway point between the wonderful seasons of Fall and Spring. Before the girls and their kiddos arrived I was feeling disappointed because G's friends (aka, the "big" kids that are 3, 4, and 5) couldn't come. But we had a wonderful time and I felt silly for worrying. My sweet girl enjoys herself no matter what!

Last night, G and I made some cookies. Yes, that is a little family of groundhogs. Not my best work, I'll admit. One friend even asked if Mr. Hankey had seen his shadow today. Ha ha. We also made a few spring cookies in the hopes that our furry friend would get the hint when he popped out of his burrow.

The kids were too busy playing and we only got through half of one, but I did check out a few Groundhog Day books. G and I read them ALL after our company left.

And last but not least, we made groundhog puppets (get the template here). The little guy pops up out of his burrow to check that fickle weather and give us his prediction. This photo was taken after the playdate and our little friend Gus the Groundhog was the worse for wear although I'm not exactly sure what happened to him (looks like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, eh?).

I had also planned, when I thought some of the "big" kids were coming, to go in G's room and make shadow puppets but alas, we'll save that for another day.

Hope you enjoy these little holidays and teaching your little ones that there's always a reason to celebrate (even if it does mean 6 more weeks of winter).