Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Frugal Find {Rustic Industrial Accent Tables}

Ok, all you mommas out there!  How many of you have lived without a coffee table since your oldest became mobile?  I am, admittedly, one of those ladies.  And I don't really mind.  Especially after sweet M fell into the sharp corner a couple of times.  It was just easier to put it away for a while.  Its been stashed away for 3 1/2 years while little E gets a good solid grasp on her mobility.  And, on the plus side, it gave us a lot more play space in the living room.  Making memories in my home, not necessarily making a magazine worthy staged coffee table, is ok for a few years in my book. 

But today, thanks to Centsational Girl and her Instagram account (in a roundabout way), I just got an AWESOME deal on a new coffee and side table! She posted a pic of these accent tables from World Market:

Aiden Accent Tables
Coffee: $289, Console: $289, Side: $169

I was stoked to see them because I've been on the hunt for industrial/rustic tables since I saw these at a JCPenney home store a few months ago:

Urban Accent Tables
Coffee: $300, Console: $300, Side: $250

The World Market tables were much less expensive (I was thinking of getting the coffee and side table) and would have saved me close to a hundred bucks!  Plus, the Aiden tables are a wee bit cuter (in my opinion) because of those sweet little wheels and a little more functional with the addition of the bottom shelf.  Although, I have to add that the Urban JCP tables are better looking in person than on the great interweb.  For reals. 

But, I'm away from home for a few days so I can't just zip off to World Market and bring these babies home.  I can, however order them online so they can anxiouly await my arrival but thought I'd check around to see what else was out there and what things cost. 

Home Decorators offers up quite a few options:

Coffee Table: $399, Side: $149

Coffee: $249, Side: $139
Coffee Table: $329 SALE $229, Side: $299 SALE $149

Some great options, eh?  But, the prices or styles didn't really lure me away from the World Market tables and force me to pay the shipping from Home Decorators.  The Mansard side table doesn't have cutey-tooty wheels so that's right out. The Empire group just wasn't quite doing it for me and the Louis looked a little more morgue-slab-chic than rustic industrial to me.  Cree-eeepy!

And of course, if we want to go there, you can always count on Restoration Hardware to have something beautiful (and reDONKulous expensive!):

Coffee: $695 - $1295, Side: $445-$595

So, if I have to tell you why that one is a no go, then we can't be friends.



After all this excruciating research (don't you just hate cruising the net for beautiful home furnishings?), I had decided on the Aiden bunch from World Market.  But, figured I'd buy them once I got home this weekend and see if I had a furniture coupon in my weekly mailer. 

Since I was committed to Aiden (unlike Carrie in S&tC), I pulled up the image on my iPad and said "Sissy, aren't these cute?!?"

She responds with, "Are those from Wal-Mart?  I have that coffee table in my basement still in the box."

Eeeeerrrrrkkkk.  Put on the brakes.  Skid marks (not that kind...GROSS!) and stinky burning rubber!What?! 

So I check out the Better Homes & Gardens rustic/industrial tables right away.  And lo and behold, they are pretty cute.  And the price!  Oh, the sweet, glorious, uber cheapo, price!!! 

Coffee Table: $89, Side: $79

Holy awesome, Batman!!!  There are a few complaints that its tough to assemble (wussies), and the wheels aren't moveable (which is better than the alternative with no lock...HELLO, I have little kids that would turn it in to a race car, train, speed boat, vessel of mass destruction, etc), but overall, I am super excited!  And, if its hideous in person or impossible to put together, I can just return it to the store.  Plus, I'm using their Site to Store shipping so that was FREE!!!  I had a little store credit ($16) from some toy or something we got the girls so my total was only $166.38. 

Did you catch that?  $166.38!!!  That's less than just one side table in my chosen Aiden group. 
I'll let you know if they're totally freakin' awesome or if they're just crap-ola.