Thursday, January 12, 2012

Home Goals 2012

There are a million things I'd like to get done in 2012 when it comes to decorating our house, but I know that being realistic, both in terms of financiances and failure-reduction, I should keep my list short. So here are my top 5 home goals this year:

1. Finish the bonus room (this is actually a three-fer)

I need to get some window treatments up in here (up in here, up in here!). I have some white, light, and airy curtains that lived in windows of houses past. But they've been hemmed too short. So I'm thinking I'll add a band of fabric to the bottom...

Or, hem them even shorter... (what do you think of this look?)

Or a combo of the two?...

I also need to get rid of our bulky TV and finish toy organization and room layout with our new Expedit units.

And I really, really, really want to get a sleeper sofa for our guests. I have my eye on this one but want to pick out another fabric than those in stock.

2. Add a dining table to our breakfast nook ('cause the teensy weensy PBK version that currently resides there isn't cutting it)...

I'd like to thrift something and paint it, but this black pedestal table is too much of a steal to pass up. I don't need the chairs because...

3. I want to add a bench as seating for our dining table.

I'll move 4 of our current chairs to the breakfast table (I like the contrast between the wood chairs and black table), add the bench to the formal dining table, and voila! Eclectic seating and a look I know I'm gonna love!

4. Paint entry, upstairs hall, master bedroom, and master bath.

These spaces are still blah, boring, builders white. I love bright, airy white-walled rooms (like my childhood room and the entire 2nd floor of my parents' house), but that look isn't right for my current furniture and decor. So, Kilim Biege it is. We already have the paint, I just have to get 'er done. I probably should have put this as goal #1 but I'm more excited about the other to-do's so, #4 it is.

5. Hang G's chandelier...

So I can finally call her room complete! Then take pics and share with you all, of course. It's definitely bah-right, but I love it and I think my sweet girl does, too.

So that's my list and I'm sharing it over at The Nester's. Share your home goals for 2012 over there and here with me, too!

And, I'll be back next week to share my other, non-decorating 2012 resolutions, hopes, goals, future failures, whatever you want to call them.


  1. I love the band of contrasting fabric on the curtains...I have been contemplating something similar. Is that the actual chandy you got for your girl's room??? BEEEA-U-TI-FUL!

    One of my goals is to do my baby girl's room (the big girl redux).

    1. No, it's not the exact chandelier. I wish!!! Hers is a smaller (but similar) 3 armed beauty. Hopefully, I'll check this to do off the list soon so you can see pics.


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