Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Color scheme {bonus room}

So, we won't be hiring a painter. Whop, whop. We bought a new mattress. A new, guccimattress that blew the paint budget. But, I'm picking out paint colors tonight! Here are a few of the color schemes I'm considering, all courtesy of Design Seeds. You'll notice that the common element in each is GREEN!!! I love green walls and this room is pretty self-contained so we're going for it.

Love these autumnal colors and the 4th shade is very similar to the paint in the hallway outside the bonus room. Plus, that dark, almost black, grey is super awesome!!! However, it might be a little "adult" for what serves mainly as a toy and play space.

I also love the greys in this scheme but our current sofa is more of a taupey beige and might not work with this. We were going to replace it but that aforementioned mattress ate that budget up as well (also some super-lame, and unexpected dental work I had done today). But its speakin' to me with those pinks which would be great for a play space for two sweet little girls.

And this one just makes me hungry. For some Italian. In Italy. Cinque Terre, anyone? Again, love the grey, the white is perfect for the Ikea Expedit shelving we got, and our carpet is a dark brown. Plus, red is a common theme in our house and that accent would give some continuity to this room from the other spaces in the house.

So, what do you think? Any one scheme jumping out at you? I'm leaning toward the the last one but we'll see. I think I'll do some fabric shopping after the room is painted and hopefully that will seal the deal for me.

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