Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bonus Room {it's Go Time}

Now that we're back from our respective jaunts, The Hubs to Qatar and the girls and I to Missouri, it's time to get the bonus room (office, sewing, toy, and craft space) completed. I'll have a floor plan, some very scary before pictures, and my general ideas for you in the next few weeks. We saved up a little extra cash while we were away so we're hiring a painter! Yay!!! For the whole upstairs actually. We have to get a pro in here to do our double story entryway so we just figured we'd have someone else knock the whole thing out for us all at once. Cause let's face it, it would take us 2 months to get the job done with an hour here and there. So, here's the paint I've got picked out for this multi-purpose room...

Its from the Pottery Barn Kids Benjamin Moore Collection and called Central Park. I'll have it color matched at either Lowes or Sherwin Williams and probably go with a satin/eggshell finish for washability. I really feel like green is such a neutral. I mean, flower stems are green and God pairs every color of the rainbow with them so I'm thinking it'll be a nice color for adding some punchy, bright artwork, white storage pieces, and a neutral sofa (probably a sofa bed).

Can't wait to share our progress!!!

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