Friday, February 11, 2011

My "Ta Done" list!

The talented Heather Bailey recently posted about keeping a list of weekly accomplishments, or moving things from the to-do list to the "angelic all-done list." I LOVE this idea! I have so many projects in the works right now and am in desperate need of some motivation to finish.
Hence, the "Ta done" list. I think it'll be my standard Friday post (or included at least if I have something I really want to share. By letting you guys know whats getting checked off, I'm accountable to someone other than myself. This is a good thing. I'm a pretty easy going boss and I let my "employees" (me. myself. and I) slide on a lot of stuff. I'm also pretty proud of me for giving it a clever name. Is that weird? And it's OK if something that wasn't on my actual get done list makes it to the Ta done (like shower) side of the page. Sometimes happy accidents occur and I knock out a project that I didn't even know needed my attention.

Another plan is to be more specific with my to do's. Instead of writing something generic like"paint," I'm going to write "edge master bedroom." I know most of you already do this but it's hard for me and I think it will really keep me from feeling overwhelmed and give me more of a sense of accomplishment when I check an item off my lovely yellow legal pad list.

What about you guys? Do you keep a Ta-done list? Any tips on managing/organizing your ever expanding project list?

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  1. I feel like everytime I cross something off, I am adding something else on! Ahhh! xox!


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