Friday, May 27, 2011

Another year older. Another year wiser?

Well, today is it. The big day. I am officially "in my 30's." Some might say that last year put me in that category but I beg to differ. For the past 365 days I have been THIRTY. Just plain 30. Now I consider myself in my "early 30's." I think "late 30's" will be the last month before I turn 40. I wish I was one of those women that thought it was sooooo wonderful to be getting older. I don't. I miss my 20's. Not necessarily college, but my early years of marriage and definitely my carefree days living in England. That being said, I wouldn't trade my precious girls to go back, I just wish I could have it both ways. I also wouldn't mind having the skin and stomach of that awesome, partied too late, slept too late, used anti-aging cream too late, 25 year old.

There isn't really any celebrating to speak of going on here. My husband is away for work until Saturday night (oh yeah, he missed my b-day last year, too). But, I might treat myself to something special and I am avoiding all housework to hang out with my girls.

The cake in the pic above is my most favorite of all time. Its Parrot Pete's Tripleberry cake and it is heavenly, even at $5.50 a slice. New Orleans is known for its food, but this cake hails from a restaurant that has only been open a few years and is located, dare I say it, on the Westbank. Not in New Orleans proper. Some locals would scoff this but to them I say, "Stop being so hoity toity and cross the river every once in a while!!!" The cake is definitely worth it. And I will miss having a slice (or two) today.

Want to read more about New Orleans (the real city, not the Westbank where my beloved cake can be found)? Check out Kimberly's blog, where I got the pic!

Update: G, E, and I got crazy for my bday today and had lunch at Panera Bread. All of my girlfriends are hanging with their husbands today (did I mention that my husband is on a work trip over a 4 day not fair) so the little girlies and I were flying solo-ish. Anyway, Panera is one of my favorites and I haven't lived near one since college (9 long years) so having it 15 minutes away is definitely a treat. And, it gave me the chance to stop by Joann's Fabric. I picked up some stuff to make a little play costume for G that I'm hacking from another blog. We'll see how it turns out. Heck, you'll see how it turns out!

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