Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Saturday I headed to Columbia, MO for a Mizzou football game!!!

Without my kids.

I love you little buddies, but this was awesome.

Oh, who am I kidding? I didn't even go to the game. We just tailgated, then hit a few bars. But, I wore a Mizzou t-shirt and the game was playing on the car radio.

Of course seeing a few old friends was the best part.

Sorry Jamie. It looks like I'm posing for an engagement photo with your hubs.

And these old friends weren't all of the human variety. Some of these friends are the stuff of my college days.

At my alma mater, a red straw in a styrofoam cup can only mean one thing...


Yummy, frozen, alcoholic, goodness. I thought it might have lost its appeal after years of living in New Orleans and having frozen daiquiri shops on every corner, but no. It still hit the spot. At 10 in the morning.

After the game, we did a bit of strolling and I spent WAAAAY to much money at the new bookstore on campus buying MU schwag. For my girls of course. By the way, any of you Mizzou alum out there, you need to go check that place out. Its giganitic. It's like the bookstore that ate the Mizzou campus. Craziness.

Memorial Union University of Missouri

Then we grabbed a burger and a beer at Booches.

Booches burgers

By grabbed, I mean squished in the door, hovered for a table, and waited over an hour for a burger. OK. Two burgers. Totally. Worth it.

Booches empty tray

We watched some of the Cardinals game (woo to the hoo, Albert Pujols is totally the man!) at The Berg. The Berg of my days (and my mother's) burned a few years ago but they have done a great job replicating the old place while still adding some extra ooh-la-la.

Heidelberg tile entrance Columbia Missouri

Then we reminisced about college days(and took a much needed break from the bars...don't want to be overserved) at the columns on the quad.

columns at night University of Missouri

And that my friends, is where this photo tour ends. Not my night, just the documented version of events. I was tucked in bed before 2 a.m.

The day was definitely a success.

Even though my Tigers got walloped.

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