Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh crap, camera strap.

So I know that ALL the cool kids have custom camera straps for their DSLRs. And, my sister is a cool kid so she needed one, too. She found a few on Etsy that she liked but I insisted that I could make it and she trusted me.


Here is my boring camera strap.

But here is the not so boring strap I made today for my sweet sis.

custom camera strap with pocket

I even made a totally sweet lens cap pocket (because, um, I am constantly losing my lens cap).

lens cap pocket

And here is where it all turns to crap-ola.

Bah humbug! It's too short! I have decided to give it one more shot (because I have enough fabric for only one more fail!). And, if I'm still a giant failure and the biggest let down for my sister since she found out that she does not, in fact, sound exactly like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith when she sings in the car, well, I'll be buying her one of these:

custom camera straps

Black & White Damask/Polka Dot, Black Leaf, Blue & Green Dots

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