Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Refreshed with a little rearranging

Are you a rearranger? I, for one, have it in my blood. My mom used to move the furniture around in our family room on a regular basis. So much so that you could walk down in a sleepy daze, attempt to plop down on the couch, and end up with your booty smack dab on the floor.

"Oh, what? You moved that couch?" My 16 year-old self hadn't noticed (even in the wee bright hours of oh, noon, once I had woken up).

Or, you go to set your glass on a side table that you were SURE was just there, only to have it whisked out from under you and relocated to the other side of the room. Seriously. This was a regular occurrence in my childhood home.

And, I'm proud of my mom for her furniture shuffling. It was a great way to freshen things up without spending any moolah. And, as she would point out, it kept the carpet looking nice because it changed up the traffic flow (no yucky tracks at momma's house). So thrifty.

So, getting back to my roots, I decided to move the furniture around in my Baby E's room last night. Its a small space with only 3 pieces of furniture. Her crib, a chair & ottoman, and her large dresser. Ahhhhhh. It feels so good to walk in there now. The weird thing is, we've only lived in this house for 3 months so I shouldn't be tired of the design, right? Wrong. It never was quite what I wanted and I was also worried about the crib being under the window (she's not standing yet, or even rolling over for that matter... I think the chunky monkey thighs are hindering her progress). I didn't want her grabbing the blinds for obvious reasons. She was also right under the vent and had a tendency to wake up when the heat kicked on or off. Here's the before:

standing in doorway (forgive the bad shot...forgot to flip on over
head light. duh. oh, and I'm not moving it back just to get a better pic. I love you guys, but come on.)

standing opposite the door, by the chair

And the easy, breezy, new layout:

standing in front of closet (previously empty wall)

crib (where dresser used to be)

view from doorway

Now I'm excited to get some color in there. Not in the form of paint. This is the one room that I actually like the bright white in, but with curtains and wall stuff-a-ma-giggy. Seeing these pics also makes me want to switch up the hardware on the dressers. Heard they had some good stuff at Hobby Lobby. Why, oh why do you have to be an hour away???

Have you done any rearranging that left your heart singing like mine? Moved any furniture from one room to the next? Let me know! I'd love to check out any pics on your blog, too!

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  1. Hi Carrie! Thanks for your sweet comment today! Hilarious post btw! This is totally in my blood too, my mom definitely moved things so fast I would lose them, and now I have become the same way! xox!


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