Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mac Daddy

We've done it! We are officially Mac owners. I'm so excited that I can hardly type. This has been a thought for a long time but there was nothing wrong with our old Toshiba laptop so it was definitely a future (way, way, way down the road) plan. Until, one fateful day (OK, last Thursday) Tosh, as I called 'em, went kaput. It was a little scary, especially considering that we had plans of buying a water softener AND a new dryer over the weekend, but was just the nudge (or huge push) that we needed to make this transition. I have used this computer for a total of probably 15 minutes in the past 2 days but what a glorious 15 minutes it has been! I promise to learn how to make the most of this puppy after I get Casa Carrie back in shape after all the holiday hoopla.

Here's a pic of my new favorite toy:

Any thoughts on what I should name her? Tosh was definitely a boy but this sweet little beauty is totally of the female persuasion.

And, you might learn a few other things about me from this pic.
  1. I sew. Sort of. This is a Christmas quilt I'm working on (that was obviously not done on time). Hopefully I'll post some of my projects for you to see.
  2. I'm an instruction manual reader. I haven't always been but in my oh-so-wise 30 years I've realized that if I'm going to spend 1000+ bucks on something (or even $50) I should use it to its full potential. Plus, I think its in my genes. My dad is an instruction manual junkie.
  3. I LOVE legal pads. I prefer the full-sized ones but these little guys are more practical. I like lists (um, you're reading one right now) and checking off my to-do's on crisp yellow (or white) paper.
  4. Another favorite, which I find even more exciting than a fresh sheet of lined paper, is a #2 pencil. I usually use mechanical because of the fuss of sharpening but really, good ole wood (don't be dirty) is my first love.
And, since this is my first post of 2011 I'll go ahead and through out a couple of resolutions (in no particular order):
  • finish that quilt (my first attempt at one, by the way)
  • learn how to use _______ (insert Mac's future name here) to the fullest.
How's that for simple (and hopefully easy to keep) resolutions. Losing weight and exercising, nah, not my gig. Besides, I have a lunch date with some sushi (oh, and a few girlfriends) tomorrow so I know I'd just be lying to you.

PS. Because of the new computer, the Christmas-y header might be up for a while. Forgive me, OK, I'm trying to figure this out.

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