Thursday, January 6, 2011

A throne for my new queen

Sadly, you may have noticed in the pic from my last post that our new mac-eroo, aka The Queen, is sitting on top of a folding table. Its sturdy and gets the job done but lets face it, a computer like this needs a royal throne! Not that I'll be getting anything soon considering that we made 3 major purchases the week after Christmas (computer, dryer, water softener) but here are a few worthy contenders that have caught my eye:

$99 - Draper desk (Target)

$159 - Linon Anna (WalMart)

$249 - Paterson desk (Crate & Barrel)
$299 - Parsons desk with drawers (West Elm) Its hard to tell from this pic but this is a VERY glossy white. Love it!!! It also comes in a mirrored finish (I. Die.) but not so practical considering that its home will be in the "toy room."

What do you guys think? The Draper seems like a great deal and I like the chunkiness of Miss Anna. I'm kinda wondering right now why I thought the Paterson was worthy of my list. And, umm, numero quatro is my definite favorite but unfortunately has the highest price tag. Its so sleek and sexy, unlike anything else in my house, especially after all the holiday gorging (except for her highness. And maybe my new washer and dryer but can they really be called sexy? They see a lot of baby poo these days). It makes me nauseous with excitement to think that a desk like that would ever want to live at my house. I usually need tons of storage-y cabinet space to hide all the junk but I am SOOOO over that in this case. I'll stash my stuff somewhere else! So let me know if you notice a sale at West Elm or an online coupon (or that you love me so much you've decided to buy it for me) so I can snatch it up and save a little moo-la.


  1. hi Carrie! thanks for the wreath tutorials on YHL! Happy new year!

  2. Fun decision! I love the glossiness of the top one, but the second one is my favorite shape. Actually, have you checked out overstock? I think I remember them having a bunch that are similar too. Good luck!


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