Sunday, April 3, 2011

Project hack: Moss covered letter

Friday I posted about some projects I'd been itching to try, including the creation of this moss covered ampersand from Two Twenty One. Later Friday afternoon I saw a similar tutorial over at Thrifty Decor Chick so then I knew I HAD to have my own version!!! Well, I wasted no time and with my 25% coupon in hand I rushed out to Michaels and got my supplies. I had remembered seeing large cardboard letters somewhere but I guess that was at Joanns. It worked out though because I ended up with a smaller, better-suits-my-space letter F that is made of wood. Here are my supplies:

I'll save you all the tutorial steps because both blogs mentioned above list all the deets (with much better photos, I might add), but I will say that Chick Sarah was not kidding when she said to watch out for the phalanges! I got this beaut of a blister on my thumb from the hot glue.

Lucky for me, I knew to put cold on it right away so I poured myself an icy Hoegaarden in a nice frosty glass.

And, to relieve the pain, I took a few sips. Or chugs. Whatever. It was medicinal. I learned a lot during my semester as a nursing student (Go Tigers!).

moss letter monogram, white ceramic bird

And this is the awesome new piece for my TV console. I'm loving it and the pop of green it adds (with a tiny pricetag of less than 7 bucks). And I have a bunch of moss leftover so there will be more green growy stuff in my future (although the stuff stinks and is messy...I should have included my dustbuster in the pic of supplies above). The little white pot is a new purchase from my Ikea trip last week (wish I'd gotten 3...what was I thinking!?!).

And that sweet little birdie came from Michaels during my trip for the letter and moss.

I think he's super cute but what's up with that tag on the bottom??? First off, it was super sticky and took some real effort to remove and secondly, don't we all assume its "For Decorative Use Only" ? My husband commented that maybe they have to put that because certain people are into some kinky stuff...I can't even imagine.

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