Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You gotta know it! It's electric! Boogie, woogie, woogie!

That's right. It IS electric. What, you ask? The blue paint in my sweet G's room...

Shot from the doorway (excuse the baby bum in the photo. Or enjoy its total stinkin' cuteness. Your choice.).

And a view of the wall with the bed.

Here are the Before shots as a reminder...

I actually really like the color (Valspar Betsy Ross Room/Sea Serenade). I've noticed that G has a headband, some sandals, barrettes, and a couple of shirts this shade. So we've got a trend going I guess. Its strange that even though the color is a bit dark, the room seems so much more light and cheery than it did before. I think you can even see that in the Before and After shots. I know that some artwork, the white shelf/hooks I plan to hang, and some white curtains will really tame it. Plus, the chandelier I have to hang provides a much more pure, white light than this icky stand-in builder fixture. I'm still a little nervous about our bold choice, though. It doesn't help that the hallway outside her door GLOWS blue when her door is open.

But she seems to like it so that's all that matters. I think.

And I'd like to apologize in advance if you are stuck singing this tune all day. I just wanted someone else to be tortured by this horrible (why-is-it-always-played-at-wedding-dances?) song as I have been since Sunday afternoon when we finished the walls.

I've got to mo-oooooove...
I'm going on a party ride!

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