Sunday, April 3, 2011


Here is a random Sunday night post...

I was looking through a few favorite blogs this evening and, as it is with blogs, I stumbled from one to another through links. A post at House of Smiths a few days ago casually mentioned a new blogger, Elyse, and her home decor-themed site that was started just last month. Loving Your Space has only 8 posts and already this great new blogger already has over 100 followers. She even writes about how 90 of them came within 24 hours of the H of S shout out!


That just goes to show you that sending in your projects based on inspiration from another blogger can be a great starting point to creating a fan base. Sometimes it seems like these superbloggers wouldn't want or care to hear about how you inspired them but its not true. Its the reason they write and share. The reason they do what they do. So if you've been inspired by a project from another site, don't hesitate to email them with pics or a link of your awesome before and after or finished project.

I need to step it up. I'm feeling particularly meager and measly compared to Miss Elyse.

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