Thursday, September 29, 2011

9 years later {a wedding anniversary}

Today is the ninth anniversary of my marriage. I love him more today than 9 years ago even though I didn't think that was possible at the time.

We had a lovely day, surrounded by people who loved us. But, I don't think there are many of us out there that wouldn't do a few things differently in terms of the EVENT (not the marriage). It was the perfect mix of fun and craziness...just what you want at 22 years old!

Here is what I would do if I was getting married September 29, 2011 instead of 2002.

The dress...
This dress has pockets! How awesome is that?!? I love the simple line and true waist. And, its the same designer that made my 2002 dress. Its funny because when I got married 9 years ago, I really liked dropped waist gowns with box pleats (not that thats what I wore). Hmmm. Quite a departure. When I got married I had just come off of a year and a half working at a bridal boutique. I had tried on DOZENS of wedding gowns and didn't ever get that "this is the ONE" feeling. Oh wait, yes I did. And it was $4000. Not happening my friends. I'm also drawn to more fitted, lacy gowns these days but that style really doesn't fit my personality. Wish I was a stunner that could pull that off!

The venue...
I would love to be out under a sea of twinkling lights. Everyone casually chatting, dancing to a playlist concocted by The Hubs and I as the night gets cool and all the girls put on their date's tux jacket or sport coat. I wanted an outdoor event even then but I think Missouri weather disuaded us from even considering it. Although it was a beautiful day. Hot even. **My mom reminded me that is was SUPER windy so maybe it was good indoors.** I dream of exciting destination weddings but in reality, I just want as many friends and family there as possible so I could never pull the trigger on that (even if I could afford it!).

The flowers...
Still pink, still roses. But without the long stems...that was super heavy and not what I wanted anyway. Maybe I'd rethink the bridesmaids calla lilies. Maybe.

The food...
I would choose my favorite foods... cheeseburgers, chips, and Pimms cups. I thought it had to be "fancy" so we had a catered buffet of typical wedding fair. And it was pretty tasty (or at least I thought so, as I devoured the plate my mom had fixed and sent with us to the hotel 4 hours later!!!). I know now that "fancy" isn't really my thing.

I'd also love more photojournalistic (a word?) pictures but that was "new" at the time and SUPER expensive. So we have standard posed shots, a few of which I love. But they're at my casa, not here at my momma's, so I can't share them with you today.

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