Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Fall Y'all {Door Decor Linky Party}

I love my mom's fall front porch and door decor this year.

I believe she purchased the wreath but added the sunflowers herself. Which I think takes it from pretty to PRETTY FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!

The floral arrangement in the corner of the porch is in a unique and totally sweet "vase." Its a giant old spring of some sort and I think it has tons of personality.

We got the pumpkins the other day at a local fruit and veggie roadside stand (where I've been getting my pumpkins my whole life). I took a bunch of pics of the girls while we were there but most of them are overexposed. Stinkin' bright afternoon sun. G got to pick all the tiny egg gourds herself from the owner's garden. She let her get 1 for each person in our family. So it was fun and educational! Science = how things grow. Math = counting how many of us there are, then counting that many gourds. Gotta love livin' in the country.

But I think my favorite thing of all is the small, black "Welcome" sign my mom painted. Its just the perfect touch and we've already decided that she needs to create one for each season.

She needs to paint the (new-ish) front door and I'm trying to sway her towards black. The shutters are already black and I think it would bring a lot of dimension to the porch. Maybe I should just do it for her and not give her a choice!

Happy Fall. See you at the linky party!

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  1. Hi! It's nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting. That is a beautiful wreath on your mom's front door! I agree with you that black would be the perfect color for her door. It's so nice to see what others are doing to their homes for the Fall season.


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