Saturday, September 3, 2011

Girls' shared bedroom

After I had my first daughter, I knew I wanted another. Not because I think girls are better than boys, but because I thought of all the things that they would share (like my big sissy and I did and still do). One of those things was a room. This leads to secrets and giggles shared at night, a sense of security knowing your best buddy is always there (even if there is a monster under the bed), and a chance to learn how to share space with another person (a lifesaver when it comes to sharing a tiny dorm room at college). But it also gives mommy the chance to picture a sweet little room with two twin beds all decked out for comfy snoozing. Well, my girls don't share a room at our house, but we're trying it out here at my mom's.

shared bedroom

This is my childhood home and I love that I get to share it with my sweet babies. This room was just storage when I was growing up but its such a fun space with a beadboard wall on one side, an angled ceiling with storage on the other, and a north facing window that looks out over a field. My mom got it ready for them in under a week! The walls need a little personalization (G's art will soon take care of that!), but otherwise I think its perfect!

What's not perfect is the fact that my little one cries when she is put in bed, the second she wakes up, and a couple times throughout the night. How do those of you with shared kid rooms deal with this? I know my sis and I shared from when I was only 3 months but my mom says she thinks I must have been a better sleeper because she doesn't remember any drama. Let me know if you have any advice!

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