Monday, September 5, 2011

A bouquet of newly sharpened pencils: Fall favorites

With fall just around the corner (especially for me since I'm in Missouri and it was an amazing 65 degrees when I ran to the store this morning!!!), its got me in the mood for all things autumnal. I posted about my future fall wardrobe already and now here are a few of my favorite fall things.

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river cam

Sometimes I can't believe that I used to live near all this history and beauty. Cambridge is an amazing place any time of year but fall was my favorite. Damp, but fresh, air. A little drizzle on my wool hat. Bright green grass, but orange, yellow, and red leaves. Unlike in the US where the grass is brown, too. The contrast was amazing.

starbucks pumpkin spice latte

This sweet treat goes right along with walking next to the River Cam. I don't think the two will ever be separated in my mind.

pumpkin spice candle

And if I can't have my beverage of choice for fall, I'll just fill my house with the smell using candles. I'm not a huge candle person and I don't fill my home with different scents year around but I love fall and winter cinnamon-y, baking smells. So I bust the occasional candle out during those times of year.


Growing up, picking pecans was part of the season. My grandmother has tons of trees and it was so fun to spend the afternoon down in the river bottoms plopping these little guys into my tiny metal bucket. I know that I was so much trouble for my mom, who was trying to pick as fast as she could to make a little extra money, while I just dug around in the dirt and asked her over and over when we were going to have the weinie roast. Sorry mom!

Faurot Field

And how can we talk about fall and not mention college football? I went to Mizzou (M-I-Z!) and love everything about it, but especially going to a game on a beautiful crisp fall day. Not much better, especially when surrounded by family and friends. The big rock "M" at the end is painted each year by freshmen at the welcome picnic. I remember that day like it was yesterday and I hope the class of 2015 has as good a time learns as much as I did.


Don't you love all the fall scenes from You've Got Mail? This is my favorite part of the whole movie, "I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils..."

Happy (almost, we're finally in the right month!) Fall everybody!

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