Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Fashion 2011

In the spirit of back to school shopping, I decided to show you what I'm planning to wear this fall. And, I'm going to get a true autumn (um, Fall in Las Vegas doesn't count) since we'll be heading to the midwest soon. I need A LOT of stuff because last year I was still chubby from having The E and didn't buy much. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still chubby soft. Its just that I've embraced it and do not have false hope that I can squeeze into a size 4 for this fall (not that I ever have been a size 4 but you know how when you're pregnant you're just sure you're gonna come out on the other end with this rockin' bod? No? I'm the only delusional one, I guess). My goal is to keep the total under $600 for both the girls and I. Seriously. It seems like so much but I could spend that on two totally sweet pair of Frye's in a second (these and these, which I won't, but I could. Just sayin'.).

So here are the looks I put together over at Polyvore:

Fall - Weekday Chillin'

(ok, $285 w/ the diaper bag but its SOOOO awesome)

Fall - Festival Fashion


This whole fall wardrobe will cost me a total of $369!!! That leaves me over $200 to fill in the gaps for my girls and get them a few fun things as the season progresses (or $80 if I buy the diaper bag. I really, really, really want it. Have I ever told you how I never picked out my own diaper bag and have used the same two (that I didn't pick out for myself) with E that I had almost 4 years ago with G? I think diaper bags are like bras or jeans. Its such a personal choice and I got gipped because after receiving 2 as gifts I couldn't justify buying myself another one). Oh, and don't feel sorry for my girls. They won't be naked in the cold or anything ridiculous like that. They have plenty of clothes already.

What about you? Have you already bought some warmer weather stuff that's just sitting in your closet? Is it calling out to you "It doesn't matter that its 110 degrees outside. Just crank the air and you can wear me now..."?

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  1. Aren't those Oxfords fabulous? Love the cream sweater!!! Go for the diaper bag. ;) Thanks for the visit to my blog the other day! (I'm behind on responding to comments) :)


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