Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Better pics and a better bod!

I already mentioned that I had a few goals for September and it's time to get started!

Because the tutorial for taking better photos is a 31 day adventure, I'll be starting tonight and doing my "homework" from Darcy. I'm looking forward to learning more about my camera and getting better shots. Hopefully, telling you about my goal will keep me accountable and I'll finish the series. We'll see.

As for my other goal, my arms are sore just from taking the plastic wrapper off the DVD case. That is NOT a good sign. But I need to be stronger, for me and for my girls. So again, keep me accountable and I'll let you know how it's been going.

I'm thinking a weekly post with a recap of the week's progress is how we'll do this. If you wanna join the fun let me know if you've set any goals for the week, month, or even the rest of the year. Sometimes my daily goal is only to end the day having had a shower so making TWO big commitments is huge for me.

Wish me luck!

And on a side note, the girls and I are here with family in Missouri and I got a text from The Hubs saying that he has safely arrived at his destination. Thank God for modern communication! Can you imagine what it was like earlier in the century, even as recent as Desert Storm, to wait weeks or months to hear from loved ones. I feel so blessed that he could send me a text from over 8000 miles away. I'm sure it cost us but it's well worth the peace of mind. Now I'll just wait until he figures out how/when he can call or Skype.

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