Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bye-bye baby. Boo hoo.

My sweet little E was officially 11 months old on Sunday. Its was quite a challenge to get a pic and I eventually had to turn on my flash (gasp) to keep the photo from being blurry.

She says "mama" "dada" "bye-bye" "nite, nite" waves, claps, commando crawls, and other general awesomeness. We love her so much (even if she is extremely demanding and expresses every emotions the second she feels it with extreme gusto).

But even more exciting (or sad, I'm not sure which, MY BABY!!!), is that I'm planning her first b-day party. Like so many others, I'm jumping on the rainbow train. I don't think there will actually be any literal rainbows, just the color scheme. EVERYTHING will be Roy G. Biv'd. Here is a glimpse at my Pinterest board for the par-tay.

I've only just gotten started so if you have any great ideas or links, even if they're not rainbow themed but can be adapted, pass them my way!

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