Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting back control of my closet: Phase I

Yesterday morning my closet looked like this:

unorganized closet

But after being inspired by Ashli at Maillardville Manor I decided to take back my closet and regain a little bit of calm (just a little... there is a 3 1/2 and an almost 1 year old in this house). So after running a quick errand to do this:

clothing donation

And after sorting thru everything hanging, on the floor, and up above on the shelves (at first I wrote shelfs...weird), I now have this:

organized closet

It may not look like much to you, and it definitely still needs some gussying up, but its so nice to be able to actually WALK into my walk-in closet. The biggest improvement was getting rid of the GIANT box that has been sitting there since we moved in (9 months ago!!!). I put it there so we could toss garage sale/donate items into it and we definitely used it for that. But it just got so full that I was overwhelmed and started ignoring it. Oops. Isn't it so easy to let that happen? I'm sympathetic with those crazies on Hoarders for sure.

So here's a side-by-side comparison of the old and the new and improved!

unorganized closetorganized closet

So much better!!! I'd love to paint in here but with us living here for a short time (2 more years) I hesitate to take that project on (especially considering that our stairwell, hallway, toy room, master bed and bath still need paint). But I do think there are a few things that'll personalize and pretty up this little but oh-so-important room. That, my friends, will be Phase II of this closet revamp. Unfortunately, I think organizing the other 7 closets in the house should be the priority. Boo.

I'm so excited to have the empty space on the short wall when you first walk in the door. I'm thinking a cute little chair(maybe something I thrift that I can test out my upholstering skills with?) or a small demilune with a garden stool tucked underneath to use as my dressing table. Definitely something with some pizazz!


  1. That's a huge difference!!! The top shelf is all nicely stacked and organized! and having your laundry bins in there must be soooo handy (very smart) and all your hangers are nicely spaced apart! Beautiful!!! You're the best closet organizing buddy a girl could hope for :)
    lots of love

  2. Nice work Carrie! Yep, this closet organization (or rebuilding in my case ;-) takes a bit longer than a week-long challenge can handle. Thanks for your comment!


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