Thursday, July 28, 2011

A chair affair (part deux): Emeco 111 Navy

emeco 111 navy chair grass

I'm dreaming of this chair tonight and here's why.

I just read a post over at Strawberry-Chic that got me thinking about the furniture for my eat-in kitchen. Oh? You didn't know I had an eat-in? Thats because when I showed you this pic of my meal-making (or microwave-using) space I intentionally sliced that side of the room out of view. Besides the fact that there are icky vertical blinds on the sliding door, play-doh accessories overflowing from my hutch, and a kids art easel planted in the corner (along with a persistent infestation of cheerios on the floor), I have a HUGE secret over there. Actually, it's a tiny secret. Tiny in the form of a table. A table from Pottery Barn Kids.

That's right. We eat dinner in our dining room (the one "finished" room in the house) every night because there is no kitchen table in my kitchen. I do usually eat lunch with G at her tiny table (it's true and it's fun) but it wasn't meant to be a permanent piece of furniture. The bummer is that I had a perfectly awesome table but gave it (back) to my mom before we moved here. I didn't want to keep it and feel obligated to buy a house with 2 eating areas OR have to store it if we only had one space for a table in the house. Of course now I am kicking myself.

I usually ignore this "little" problem but Strawberry-Chic got me all fired up about my favorite chair so I thought I'd look for some inspiration for that space. And boy, did I find it!

emeco 111 navy chair rustic table

emeco 111 navy chair rustic table
emeco 111 navy chair rustic table
I've been loving the Emeco 111 Navy chair for awhile now. I always pictured it in Grass at my house with 4 of them snuggled up to a nice rustic round table (walnut to be exact). The images above are all great examples of how this works Per.Fect.Ly! And of course I love the red recycled Coke bottle version (featured in Dwell article earlier this year) but my sofa is red and that would just be too much!

But now, Emeco has stolen my heart again!!! I don't know how I overlooked the fact that it came polished OR, and I can hardly contain myself writing this, polished or brushed with a WOOD seat!!!

emeco navy chair wood seat

That's the stuff my dreams are made of! I mean, its just what I always imagined...a little wood, a little (very shiny) metal. Now if someone could only spare me $1200 x 6, let's see, carry the 1, and (give a girl a second, math isn't really my thing)... Oh yeah. $7200!!! Man. Sheesh.

Maybe someday I'll splurge and get one for a desk chair. For now I think my little G and I will keep on having HUGE fun eating lunch at our little table.

Oh, and I love bentwood chairs, too. And bamboo. But I think that's a story for another day.

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