Monday, July 25, 2011

Paint chip pandemonium!!

Have you noticed all the fun paint chip DIY projects out there lately? What a great way to use the 20+ little squares and rectangles always laying around after a project (I know I brought home a gazillion when choosing a blue for g's room here, here, and finally here). There are a few that I find inspiring...

paint chip banner
Sugar and Dots

paint chip banner
A Bit of Sunshine

paint chip eggs banner
Modern Parents Messy Kids

I love all these ideas for my little E's rainbow party next month. But, at what point does "taking" these "free" paint chips become stealing? I think its obvious based the color schemes above that these weren't leftovers from a project. Hmm. I'm struggling with a moral dilemma (but they're so darn cute).

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  1. These projects are darling! I was thinking the same thing...I mean taking a couple of paint samples is one thing, but walking out of the store with your purse full of them is another. I guess If I were going to do a big project with them I would just ask the salespeople if it was alright to take a bunch, then I wouldn't feel so guilty :)

    Glad to hear you are a fellow smore lover! I make mine in the microwave sometimes too..haha :)


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