Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I have a dream...

I have a dream that someday my children will have a big backyard to explore. Not just a giant rectangle of perfectly manicured grass (or astroturf) but a REAL backyard. One with places to hide, hills to roll down, trees to climb! My mom and dad have an awesome yard for playing. There is plenty of shade, trees to climb, a garden to check up on, even an overgrown field where Grandma Boo-ah mowed a path for exploring.

So on to day two of our Missouri trip recap where we embraced the humidity and enjoyed playing outside...

Don't ask me why G is looking so angry. We were having fun, I swear!

Isn't she cute all propped up with her ice cream. And everything had to be delivered via bucket. And while it's not the treehouse from the movie Now and Then (which I loved and should watch immediately if its available on play now Netflix),

it is the best treehouse/platform EVER because her Boo-ah made it just for her.

Yes, she's in her jammies and its late afternoon. That's what being with grandparents is all about, right? Breaking the rules in all the best ways possible.

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