Monday, July 18, 2011

Feeling "Light" headed

Last week I mentioned that there are a few things I'd like to do in our kitchen. Just to spruce it up and personalize it a bit so its not the same as every other new house in LV. One idea is to change out the glass shades on the pendant lights over our island. I have totally been left light headed and overwhelmed after checking out all the options out there for new pendants. Here's a little reminder of how it looks now...


There's absolutely nothing wrong with them and they do match the other fixtures (in the ENTIRE house which is what makes it BOR-ing). Here are a few pendants that I'm sweet on (as of today).

Jupiter Blaze Mini Pendant Glass, red pendant shade

This would definitely bring a pop of color over to the kitchen. We have red couches in the adjoining family room and the rumor is that its good to tie connecting rooms together with subtle touches. This is a great price (I have to get 3!) and doesn't require any electrical work because it would just be switching out the glass. But, I think this might be too contemporary for my tastes and probably would be more than the "subtle" hint of red I'm going for.

Edison pendant light

I love this one, too. I like that it looks a little like an outdoor light. And, while its not as inexpensive as the 1st option, its still not too bad at less than $200 for all three. But, I'd have to change out the whole fixture, not just the shade.

And now let me bring you to the "honey, you've gotta be dreamin" portion of this post. The following are from School House Electric and cost waaaay too much moo-lah, but maybe someday, right (as in "someday someone will create a knock-off that I can afford)?

Old Dominion pendant, School House Electric light

I love how petite this one is and all the color it would bring to the room. I think it might be perfect.

Folk Birds Red Blue, School House Electric pendant light

And I don't even know how to describe how much I love this light. Its too big for my space but I think its the most awesome-ist lighting I've ever seem and captures my style (my idea of what my style is at this particular moment in time, anyway) to a T.

Do you have any dreamy pendants or lighting fixtures that you love? Have you abandoned builder basic for something a little more boisterous? We'll see if I can convince the hubby that this tiny change would make big impact!

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