Saturday, July 30, 2011

Challenge accepted!

And accomplished!

pinterest challenge banner

Sherry, Katie, Emily, and Lana have declared a Pinterest Challenge! What is it? Well, basically its a call to get your rear-end in gear and actually complete one of the DIY knock offs that you want to do from your Pinterest boards (check out any of their pages for a MUCH more exciting description). I know I have a few things pinned that I want to create and this was a good kick in the pants to get me going.

With my little E's birthday coming up I decided that working on something for her party was priority numero uno.

pinterest board first birthday

E's first birthday Pinterest board

And whats the first thing you need for a party? That's right! Invitations!!!

first birthday invite

Invitation originally from HERE.

And here is my knock off version:

first birthday invitation rainbow pennant banner

I used PowerPoint to create it and made the pennant with triangles, adding the colors and patterns to go with our rainbow theme. Each pennant has a different pattern which is hard to see in this pic but it adds a lot to the cuteness. I still need to buy cardstock for printing but that's the easy part, right!

And along the lines of the party... I started feeling a little bad for being so unoriginal. The rainbow theme, the rainbow cake, the pennant banner, the Martha poms...well, its all been done so well (and not so well) over and over again. But then I decided, if it wasn't so cute and clever it wouldn't be repeated, right? And it will be a fun reminder in 20 years of what was popular and stylish when my sweet E turned 1.

So don't worry if you're a fan of sticking to the trends and incorporating things all over blogland into your life, home, and decor. If its beautiful to you and makes you happy, I say go for it!

Hope you've been inspired to knock one of your Pinterest to-do's off the list, too! Join the fun and get on board with the Pinterest Challenge! I'll be linking up my invite tomorrow, August 2. Will you be linking up?

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  1. Love it!
    I also really loved the part where you said . . . "So we can see what was popular when E was 1" I LOVE that!
    Lots of Love


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