Monday, March 7, 2011

Having a Garden Party

Sorry for the hiatus folks. I went to visit my parents in Missouri and honestly, just didn't feel like blogging. I was going to make a visit to the cutest little sewing shop EVER and post about it (go ahead and check out the Sew Sweet Quilt Shop for yourself since I flaked) but G got sick, then I got sick (I had to go to the doctor TWICE! Serious bummer). The visit to the shop was going to lead to a fabric purchase and said purchase was going to lead to a post about the ruffle pillow I was SUPPOSED to make for my sister as a birthday gift. Major fail on my part. But, I blame strep throat. And an ear infection. And pink eye.

So we'll just start fresh this week with a nice Garden Party! That's right. Spring is starting to rear her beautiful head here at my house. Not only outside but also in my daughters oh-so-boring bedroom. I FINALLY took the plunge and bought some sheets for her bed! They're Garden Party from PB Kids and I love them.

Next up, a paint color. She requested blue and blue she will get. Tomorrow I'm going to post the dreaded before pic of her room. I'm so ashamed of how blah it is that I'm nervous to show you. Hopefully it will be so cute when its finished that you'll forgive how awful it is now!

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