Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh, the shame!

Well. Here it is. Horrible, I know. My poor little girl has been living in this room for almost 5 months now. It even bums me out to go in there. But, that is all going to change soon. Yesterday I showed you the sheeting for her bed and a while back the inspiration photos for the color scheme. Now there is nothing for me to do but git 'er done. Hopefully tomorrow I will pick up some sample paints, then Thursday let her take her nap in my bed while I tape and edge. Then Friday I can roll the rest of the paint on. Just saying it to you all makes me more accountable and I'm all about that!

Here's my plan for her big girl room.

  • Wall Paint: Skysail Blue (Behr) Similar to the band of color running horizontal
  • Headboard: Tutti Fruiti (Behr) Similar to the vertical strip (although Tutti Fruiti isn't quite radish-y enough for me, I might also leave the headboard white if I go with more colorful curtains. Or drape some fun fabric over it. Haven't quite nailed this down yet.
  • Sheets: Garden Party (PBKids)
  • Bedspread: White Matelasse (exact one unknown) I need to get a BB&B 20% coupon because they have a pretty cute one that will do the trick
  • Drawer Pulls: Caria Knob (Anthropologie) & Faceted Acrylic (Target)
  • Curtains: Jordon Blackout Kids Twill Panel (JCPenney) I like the pink and the multi but I'm afraid the multi is a bit too geometric for the sheets. Who knows? Maybe the contrast with the floral print will be kinda fun and funky. Thank goodness for in-store returns! We definitely have to get blackouts because this child is up with the sun!
  • or Solid White, which I know will look breezy with the blue paint. Its such a small room I don't want to overwhelm it so much that I can't add some artwork
  • Pillow: Etsy (will make my own using coordinating colors). I feel so bad that I can't credit the creator of this pillow. I bookmarked the pic, not the site on my phone. If I figure it out I'll update.
  • Chandelier: Portfolio (Lowe’s), We already have one that is similar. My parents got it for G as a 1st birthday gift and its super cute and just the touch of sweet that the room needs.
  • I also plan on making a banner similar to the one in the pic of the white drapes with coordinating colors. She's all about knights and castles right now (not the princesses that need rescuing...oh no! She wants to be the hero!!! That's my girl!) so I want to work that in somehow in a way that can be easily changed.
So there it is! The big plan. Let me know what you think and if you have any great resources that you think would work for my sweet 3 year-olds big girl room.


  1. I can't wait to see it! That pillow is gorgeous. This makes me wish I had a little girl, just to decorate her room. :)

  2. so so cute! looking forward to the finished product!


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