Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm not the missing LINK!

I linked up my first blog post yesterday at Centsational Girl!!! This is exactly why I started a new blog. My old one was mostly about my girls (and had a lot of personal info) and I was ashamed of how unprofessional it was. Not that this is professional by any standard but who wants to hear blah blah blah about my kiddos all the time (besides the grandparents). I'm so excited!!!

The topic was SPRING! I linked up my pillow post from last week. Not anything too thrilling but it was my first go at it so I'm alright with it being a bit of a ho-hum post. Plus, I tried to restyle (or actually, style for the first time) the shelves of my TV cabinet but I want a lot of apple green and bright white pieces and just couldn't round up enough to make them look that good. I think I need to buy some cute accessories regardless of color and break out the spray paint!

Her next Fair Weather Forum is Easter Projects on April 11th and I'm hoping to have a one-of-a-kind project to add to all the creative ideas from everyone else! Go link up!!!

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