Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No paint, just clothes

So I don't have pics of the paint for G's room. Shocked, aren't you? But, I did get a sample and smear some on the wall. I even took a pic of it at night to show you. But I decided that I'd wait until tomorrow to show you so I could get a daylight version of our blue wall. I'm a little nervous to be honest. Its kinda dark-ish. But at the same time I love it and the way it makes my heart race just a teensy bit to think of her room actually being blue!

So, in lieu of paint, I decided to show you some spring wardrobe items I've been eyeing. Nothing fancy. Just a little sumpin' sumpin' to get my closet in shape after being pregnant last spring and summer and buying absolutely nothing.

  1. Whipstitch Cardigan, Banana Republic bought this Sunday! thinking the pink will look super cute with navy shorts
  2. Bathing Suit, Gap umm, could I also have her thighs and pre-baby belly to go with this?
  3. Striped Ruffle Racerback, Lands End Canvas so this is my new favorite online store. i think the clothes are PERFECT for my age which I sometimes find hard (don't want to look like I think I'm 20 but not quite ready to officially be a "soccer mom" yet either). I'm gonna order some stuff and I'll let you know how it washes/wears/etc.
  4. Shorts, Lands End Canvas excited for these...hoping for a good fit. might get navy and grey
  5. Sandals, Target these might not be the best for bending over and scooping up a 6 month old but, hey, they're $30 and might make me look like I have calves again!
  6. Flutter Strips Shell, Loft, cute under my new pink cardi from Banana!
  7. Strips Accent Tee, Loft, LOVE the cut of this!
  8. Dress, Old Navy, can't beat a simple dress to throw on for any casual occasion
  9. All-Star Slip, Converse, to go with the dress if I'm at the park with my kiddos!
  10. Tote, Target, Who doesn't need a new springy tote back to welcome the new season of picnics and playing at the park?!?

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