Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Join the Pinterest Challenge!!!

I linked up my bunting birthday invite today!

Check out the deets in this post. You have all week to link your Pinterest inspired projects to Young House Love, Bower Power, Style by Emily Henderson, or Making a House a Home. Also click on these links to see their cool projects and the bazillion other amazing DIYs that are linked up.

I have a personal rule with link parties that I like to follow to make sure that I read other posts. In addition to clicking on any cool project that I see when scanning the linked thumbnails, I also ALWAYS visit the link (or 2 depending on time) before and after mine AND I leave a comment on those blogs. I figure its a really nice way to share the love. And, if everyone did this, each and every post would get 2 new commenters/viewers. Nice, huh? So if you're linking up why don't you consider doing the same, kay?

By the way, I'm #205 over at YHL! And way to go #204, Petra at Sunshine + Smiles, who planned to do her closet but added flair to a FAB purse instead, and #206, Erin, who created super cute Heart Art that I WILL be copying for G's room!

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