Wednesday, August 24, 2011

31 days has September

Ok. So September only has 30 days but you'll see why I need 31 (wouldnt it be nice to squeeze an extra day into that great autumn month?). I mentioned last week that there are some big changes happening around here on very short notice. My Hubs is going to be gone for a while for work so we will be staying with my parents for the duration. Its hard to pick up and leave our life, but I know that this time while the girls aren't in school is fleeting. So we choose to disrupt a bit and be with my family while we are free to do so. Soon enough we'll only be able to sneak away during the summer and on winter and spring breaks (I'm not looking forward to that... I love traveling whenever I please!).

So, because I won't be here, working on getting this house whipped into shape, I'm not sure what kind of posts you'll see from me. I'm hoping to do quite a bit of sewing like finishing this, making this, and trying this, but its possible that I could totally lame out on that.

So instead, I've decided to commit the month of September to two things and blog about them. Two very different things. First is this:

I'm not unhappy with how much I weigh, just how soft I am and how weak I feel. I'd love for my hubby to come home to a new, rock-hard me. Or at least a me without lower/side back squish. What is that all about anyway?!?

The next task I'm committing to is taking better photos. I want to capture moments and see them in print the way I remember them in my head. Bright, vibrant color. Crisp, clear images.

I feel like I'm getting a little bit better (check out my kick-butt cake photo!) but I need some extra guidance. And, to assist with this lofty goal (although I think the rock hard bod might be even more challenging) is the 31 Days to a Better Photo series from Darcy at Life with my 3 Boybarians. In October she'll be starting a new 31 day series so I want to make sure I'm ready to go.

Speaking of the October 31 day challenge (hosted by The Nester and in its 3rd year), is anybody else joining in or doing your own 31 day how-to? I love this idea and am trying to think of something that I could do in October that would benefit others. I've got a lot of knowledge up here in this noggin'. Unfortunately, I think I know a little about 31 different things, not 31 things about one subject :-) Anyway, wish me a healthy and shutter-happy September. 8 days until go time!

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