Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School days!

School started in Vegas yesterday (I mistakenly left my house just as 100 gazillion kids and parents were walking to school near our house) and here's what I would pack if it was my first day:

back to school supplies

Love this pencil box and love to keep my freshly sharpened #2s organized.

Isn't this bento style lunch box awesome? A little pricey but so cool!

Always single subject, college ruled notebooks for me. Always.

I'm a 24 pack crayon kinda girl . Although I was always jealous of the kids with the sharpeners.

LL Bean fo' life! Their backpacks take a beating and keep on keepin' on. I still have mine from college. Sometimes I wish it would break/rip/get ruined so I could justify a more hip color.

All the cool kids will be showing up with a pop tab bracelet. And of course I'll take a couple extra to pass out to my brand new bff's.

I love to flag important pages. Heck, I love to flag unimportant pages!

I chose this calculator over the TI-84 because I can do tough math in my head. This little number cruncher just looks cute sitting on my desk.

I just love school supplies. I think I might go wander the aisles at Staples and drink in all the deliciousness that is back-to-school!

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  1. Hi Carrie-
    Thank you so much for the very nice post about our Pop Tab bracelets. We sure appreciate the post on your blog. Thank you! :) -Jazzy


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