Thursday, August 18, 2011

A prisoner in my own home!

This happened at my house today...

I'm not loving the new Alcatraz decor I've got going on now (but anything to keep my baby safe and me from having to follow her every second of the day). But, it got me in a jailbird state of mind so I thought I'd see what fashionable prison decor is out there. And to me, that means black and white stripes!

How about this awesome bar set from Z Gallerie (they don't do much wrong, do they)?

Or these lovely window shades. Wouldn't you love a little nook like that?

Serene and beautiful...only if you've never spent the night in a cell. The wallpaper isn't my fave but I love that glossy black bed!


And isn't this the greatest room for any little girl age 3 to 20?!? Or even 31 if you're asking...I just need a queen size bed so I can stretch out!

If only my baby gate were as fashionable as these striped beauties. Oh well, just like any design decision, this too shall pass.

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