Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What we're eating this week: Meal plan

Here we are again on Monday and its time to figure out what in the world we'll be eating here at our lovely, little house this week. Just like I explained last week, I'm trying out a new system for grocery list-making and shopping. Here's the rundown for the week:

This post is a day late because I was trying to figure out all the stuff with Google Docs. I FINALLY got it looking *sort of* how I want it. Anybody know how to get rid of the grey bars at the top and bottom??? Anyway, I'm pretty proud of me for figuring it out, even if it took for.ev.er and isn't exactly what I wanted. **You can click on the underlined food items for the recipe!** Which is why I had to use Google Docs and not a regular chart and what took me so dang long!

I only plan 4 meals because I'm sure one of these nights will get bumped or the hubs won't make it home and we'll have tons of leftovers. We also eat out a couple nights (especially on the weekends).

On another note, our lives here in Vegas have been turned upside down this past week. I'm not sure how things are going to go but we're starting a bit of a new adventure in a couple weeks (its sad in one way, but offers a great opportunity for some good extended family time). Right now I feel like a top, not in the spinning-fast-and-looking-like-I've-got-it-together phase, but in the starting-to-slow-down-and-wobble-waiting-to-crash phase of things. Hopefully I'll get my act together and take care of the umpteen million things on my to-do list. And unfortunately not one of them involves a hot glue gun or sewing machine. Sigh.

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