Wednesday, August 10, 2011

it "felt" so good!

Remember my teaser from yesterday:

felt circle pillow

Well, I finally finished the pillow for G's room and I'm so in love!!!

felt circle pillow

I can't take any creative credit, I only did the cutting and sewing. I was inspired by this pillow from dede etsy shop:

I am super-de-duper proud of myself for finishing this and tried to do my own spin on its lovelyness using coordinating colors for my girl's room. Its been a looooong time coming. Here's the lowdown on how I got my sew on (I don't pull of gangsta very well, do I?).

These are my supplies. I didn't use fancy felt, just the cheap pages from the kids craft section. The lighter colors (green and pink) were a little harder to work with because they're thinner. I got 1/2 yard of a white sale fabric ($ ya!) and a pillow insert. I like that better than stuffing the case myself. I'm not patient enough to get the lumpies out.

I attempted to cut the circles using this 2 inch punch but it just didn't work. So instead I used this:

I had it from another project and it really helps for appliques or steadying any fabric. You just iron it on then peel/tear it away after sewing. I used geometry to make PERFECT circles...

Or I traced a Gatorade lid then cut them out with my VERY unsteady hand and a pair of scissors. Same diff. After A LOT of tracing and cutting I ended up with these cuties:

I just played around with spacing and design then pinned two circles together and down to my pillow fabric. I sewed down the middle (approximately) alternating a horizontal and vertical stitch for some interest.

Then, after tearing away the stabilizing paper I creased the felt to help it stand up a little.

I sewed the pillow together (right sides together, stitched 3 1/2 sides on the machine, leaving a little for pillow stuffing, sewed the rest by hand) and VOILA!!!

Ain't she cute?!?

The felt isn't the only "old-school" crafting material I've been using lately. Wait until you see what Miss G and I did with fuzzy pom poms!!!

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  1. Wow, that is so cute! I've never heard of stabilizing paper. Thanks!

  2. Super, super cute idea! I probably would have given up once the circle punch didn't work lol.

  3. I love the way this turned out...such fun colors too!
    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me and for your sweet comment...I am so happy to be following your beautiful blog!


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